4Sight Systems was founded in 2003 by Trevor Greenaway, formerly the General Manager for Cisco Systems in the Middle East. The company is dedicated to improving its clients’ sales revenues through the application of Strategic Selling methodology and Structured Planning.

Trevor was himself a customer of the Phifer Strategic Selling methodology that he now promotes to some of the world’s leading companies. During his tenure with Cisco, he was tasked with driving multi-million dollar regional revenues and it was this mammoth annual task that taught him the true value of disciplined, passionate planning.

At a chance 1998 meeting with Dave Phifer, originator of the Phifer Strategic Selling methodology, Trevor was unknowingly introduced to someone who would become his planning coach and mentor for a number of prosperous years within Cisco. Persuaded of the absolute power of this methodology when applied alongside the natural ability of his gifted sales people, and having grown regional revenues to over $180M, Trevor decided early in the new millenium to set up his own company to teach both the methodology elements of the system and also the sales leadership skills required to implement it.

As a result 4Sight Systems now offers a complete range of services around Strategic Selling and Structured Planning.

Starting from the premise that the Sales Leader is entirely responsible for building a planning culture within an organisation and also for defining and mandating a planning framework, the company has been involved in bespoke Leadership in Planning training at the highest level.

As a natural progression from this, the company has worked alongside its clients’ Sales Leadership to implement and mandate Simple but Effective planning methodology and tools within the sales force, at the same time helping the individual contributors to recognise the need to plan “for their own well-being” and to achieve their personal sales targets through the daily application of disciplined planning.

4Sight Systems is unique in the sales training market place in that everyone employed by the company is an ex-senior sales professional, not simply an educator. As such, the company enjoys huge credibility with the sales teams of its client companies and is able to build rapport with operational sales teams of new clients very quickly.

However, these same former sales professionals are also talented facilitators with extensive experience in sales coaching and mentoring and they are all trained in the dual disciplines of classroom-based Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and next-generation, internet-based Virtually-Led Training (VLT).

The total package that 4Sight delivers, from leadership development, through methodology training, through facilitation, accrediation and auditing is without parallel in the world of sales training, facilitation and mentoring. The company operates on a global basis with offices in London, Seattle, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand.

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